Instructional design to develop an online course on urinary catheterization

Debora Cristina Alavarce, Juscilynne Barros da Costa Aroldi, Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres, Heather Wharrad, Mariana Celeghini Santiago


Objective: Describe the development and evaluation of the online course on urinary catheterization for nursing professionals and undergraduate students. Methods: The contextualized instructional design method was used during the process of conception, development, implementation and evaluation. Results:  The course was developed by researches and evaluated by the experts, obtaining 93% approval; 67% of the items were evaluated as excellent, 26% of the items were satisfactory, 4% of the items were reasonable and only 1% of the items were evaluated as unsatisfactory. Conclusion: The planning of the development phase of online courses is fundamental to their quality and the efficacy of the project. The course developed will enable new perspectives in graduate courses, in training programs and in personal development, based on the construction of individualized, flexible and collaborative knowledge utilizing new educational technologies.


Urinary catheterization; Education distance; Education continuing

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