SBIM: An Internet Manager for Sharing Biological and Medical Images

Luiz Antonio Pereira Neves, Gustavo Molitor Porcides, Gilson Antonio Giraldi


Objective: The available image managers basically include facilities to store, discuss and share detailed images from all over the web. In fact, a literature analysis shows that the available systems are limited for image analysis. So, the main goal of this work is to present an image manager for medical and biological databases that allows researchers to share and manipulate images in an environment that integrates data and analysis facilities. Methods: In order to achieve the expected goal we firstly perform a literature review to define basic services, the data modeling of the system and select the development platform: the programming languages PHP and Javascript, as well as the Database Management System PostgreSQL 8.4.7 The SBIM has been tested based on the methodologies developed specifically for web applications validation. It was assembled a group of 40 individuals to evaluate items like performance, usability and graphical interfaces. Results: The SBIM system provides efficient tools to share and analyze images stored in its databases. Conclusion: SBIM is an efficient image manager system to store, discuss and analyze medical and biological images over the web.


database management systems, word wide web, Bioinformatics, X-ray image

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