Nursing students’ attitudes towards computers in health care: a comparative analysis

vijayalakshmi Poreddi, R Ramachandra, Suresh Bada Math


The present study aimed to determine the effectiveness of basic computer course related to Nursing Students’ attitudes towards usage of computers in health care. Cross sectional descriptive design was adopted among purposively selected undergraduates (n=161) to complete self reported questionnaires. Students that completed computer course were found to have positive attitudes as they agreed that “computers are great solving tools” (÷2 = 9.663, p < .047), and “computers are natural to use in health care” (÷2 = 11.623, p < .020) than the participants who have not undergone formal instruction in computer course. Contrary to these findings the participants who did not undergo computer training were felt that “Computers are frustrating to use” (÷2 =9.930, p < .042) and they become restless when they think of using computer” (÷2 = 15.149, p < .004).  The findings suggest that integration of informatics throughout curriculum with increasing levels of difficulty is needed.


Attitudes; Computer technology; Nursing students; Health informatics

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