GestureCollection for Motor and Cognitive Stimuli: Virtual Reality and e-Health prospects

Alexandre Fonseca Brandão, Diego Roberto Colombo Dias, Marcelo Paiva Guimarães, Luis Carlos Trevelin, Nivaldo Antonio Parizotto, Gabriela Castellano


Objective: To present GestureCollection, a set of applications designed to offer cognitive stimuli and motor coordination, through an unconventional way of human-computer interaction. Methods: The applications were based on Natural User Interface, Open Natural Interaction and gesture recognition from depth images provided by the Kinect sensor. Results: GestureCollection contains three applications (GesturePuzzle, GestureChess and GestureMaps) that allow gestural interaction with virtual reality environments through movements of upper and lower limbs. Conclusions: This set of applications allows muscle recruitment in different ranges of movement and speed of execution, besides showing potential to reduce the monotony of motor therapy.


User-Computer Interface; Motor Activity; Health Promotion

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