Decision support system for control of the Chagas disease

Ary Henrique Morais Oliveira, Lesliê Cardoso Silva, Warley Gramacho, Glenda Michele Botelho


Objective: This paper presents the DSS-Chagas information system for activities management of control and combat of Chagas’ disease. The system was developed to provide organization and optimization in the data tabulation activities, infestation index monitoring, identification of the disease vector behavior and domiciles research. Methods: DSS-Chagas was developed with methods and tools of agile development with the Scrum methodology, based on protocols, guidelines and policies for disease eradication and control in the Tocantins State. Results: The construction and implantation of a tool to support the decision-making process in health surveillance through technical reports based on information recorded about the disease. Conclusion: DSS-Chagas ensures organization and accuracy of information, as well as effective monitoring and optimization in the processes, allowing more assertive decisions making in disease prevention and control.


Chagas Disease; Health Information Systems; Information Management

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