Test Case Generation to Medical Cyber-Physical Systems: A Scoping Review

Johnattan Douglas Ferreira Viana, Álvaro Alvares de Carvalho César Sobrinho, Lenardo Chaves e Silva


Objective: This article presents a Scoping Review (ScR) identify the approaches to automatically generate test cases from Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) models, more specifically, Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS) models. Method: ScR was performed by identifying indexed articles in five electronic databases using a specific search string and selection criteria, defined in a review protocol. Results: When protocol was executed, 467 studies were returned, from which 12 were summarized. Several formal and semi-formal notations used in CPS modeling were identified, as well as tools for generating test cases for such systems. Furthermore, we present an overview of the state-of-the-art regarding automatic test case generation for such systems models. Conclusion: Based on the results, we conclude there is a research gap with regard to tools for the fully automatic test case generation in MCPS.


Test Case Generation; Medical Cyber-Physical Systems; Scoping Review

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